The Sleeping Myth

The Sleeping Myth by Jo Allen Ash – Shadow Journey Book Three coming July 2023.

Following their escape from captivity and mayhem, Grace, Duncan, his sister Resa, Mika and Carina head due west through the mountains, “into the setting sun”—the only directions given. With their new companions, they seek the Cavern of the Sleeping Myth, a place, so they are told, where answers to their many dilemmas exist. But nothing comes easy and there is always a price to pay. Injury, heartache and betrayal hound them as surely as do the warriors of their enemies, those who seek what they are, what they possess, for their own purposes. The Sleeping Myth isn’t quite what they had been promised, either, and might very well separate the closely-bound friends forever.

The Sleeping Myth, Shadow Journey Series Book Three, pushes the friends to new limits and takes them into a snowbound realm of old magic and ancient science, into places darker and more exciting than ever.

Book Four, In Darkness We Break, will be coming out the beginning of 2024.