About Me

Jo Allen Ash is the pen name I have chosen for my young adult titles. I have begun referring to this alter ego on a first name basis, as Jo. It’s rather fun, as if she’s somehow separate from who I am. Doing so leaves me free to contemplate new tales in wildly imaginative ways, uninhibited by self-doubt.

As Jo Allen Ash, I have penned a young adult series of dystopian sci-fi/fantasy filled with complex and compelling characters (according to someone other than me, someone who reviews books for a living). In The Shadows We Make, Book One in the Shadow Journey Series, I have burrowed down into dark themes, such as addiction, hopelessness and loss, which are countered by the strength, quality and unexpected sweetness found in friendship. Book Two, The Thrice-Gifted Child, continues where The Shadows We Make leaves off, with the same cast of characters and a few more besides. Both The Shadows We Make and The Thrice-Gifted Child are available now. Book Three, The Sleeping Myth, is due out in July 2023. The fourth and final book in the series will be released in January 2024.

Once the series is completed, you can count on seeing more from me. I have several books started (just as a placeholder for where I want to go) and you will receive news of those as it becomes available right here on my website, my Facebook page or on my YouTube channel.

Website: https://www.joallenash.com

Facebook page: https://Facebook.com/JoAllenAsh

YouTube: Robin Maderich – where you’ll find book videos, shorts and Judge This Book by Its Cover! book reviews

As Robin Maderich, I have been published by New York publishing houses, small press (as Celia Ashley) and have self-published the Connor Falls Christmas Series. The publishing rights to one of my books was sold to publishers in various countries and translated. When I received copies of those books, I never failed to be amazed by the different styles to their covers!

On a more personal level, I live with multiple pets and would take on more if I could. I LOVE Christmas and small towns (hence the Connor Falls Christmas Series) and I also plan to continue writing and illustrating children’s books, as time allows.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments using the Contact page on this site. As I am always fond of saying, without you, the readers, books would be nothing but paper and ink. I like hearing from you. Your thoughts inspire me.