Tell me more about your books.

The Shadows We Make, written as Jo Allen Ash, is my debut release as a young adult author, although I have been published for many years in other genres using my actual name, as well as pseudonyms. As for the Shadow Journey Series, I am delighted to talk about it. The young adult series takes place on alien worlds in an apocalyptic setting. Each of the main characters are near and dear to me and the three main voices throughout the books are quite unique and revealing of their personalities. I’m afraid I put my young people through many hair-raising ordeals, but the end result is that their courage, character and compassion shine through. I will post more about the writing process, updates, etc., on my blog.

What is your next book?

The next book in the Shadow Journey Series is titled The Thrice Gifted Child. It will be released in January of 2023, and I will post the exact date as soon as it becomes available to me.

I’ve also begun work on a middle-grade novel and will be releasing more information at a later date.

How many books will there be in the Shadow Journey Series?

There will be at least three, possibly four books in the series. I won’t know for certain how many others might be needed to complete the story of these wonderful characters until I actually get there.

What’s the best way to find out about new releases or other news from you?

Check back on this website, or for postings on the Jo Allen Ash fan page (facebook.com/JoAllenAsh)

Will you come to my state to do a local event?

I am always up for a book signing, reading or speaking engagement, but travel is time-consuming, and I do need to keep a constant schedule of writing. However, send an email to: joallenash @ robinmaderichpublishing.com (no spaces) with the particulars and I will see what I can do to accommodate you. You can also use the contact form on this website.

Are you available for interviews, podcasts or guest blogs?

Simple answer, yes. I’d love to participate in any of the above. Again, though, please send me an email to: joallenash @ robinmaderichpublishing.com (no spaces) with the particulars. You can also use the contact form on this website.

Do you ever have contests or giveways?

It is my plan to do so, yes. I will shortly be running a contest (which will require some interaction on the part of my readers) and I hope we will all have fun with it.

Would you ever come to a school to discuss your books and the actual work that goes into developing a story and writing it?

Yes, I would certainly enjoy a school visit. Imparting that type of information to young people would be especially gratifying. Again, please contact me at joallenash @ robinmaderichpublishing.com (no spaces) or contact me through the website form.